Elections for Board of Directors of RHA

On Tuesday, November 13 you will have the opportunity to elect one new representative on the Board of Directors of RHA, to serve a 3 year term. This year’s election meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 13 at 7.30pm, at the Pool House. Interested in being a candidate for a Board position, please download and fill out the application for candidacy and send to RHA Board, PO Box 75, Herndon, VA 20174, or email it to RHABoard@rha-homes.org. Candidates may also be nominated from the election floor at the meeting. New this year, candidate names and their stated platform will be provided to the homeowners in advance, so they can direct their proxy to a specific candidate. There are currently 2 candidates for this position.

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Recreation Committee members from RHA elections

The Board is also seeking candidates to serve on the Recreation Committee. The Board will reselect 6 applicants to serve a one year term starting November 1. If you are interested, submit the application that has been mailed to all residents by October 5.

Suggestion on issues

Cannot attend the monthly meeting, send an email to the board for issues you want to see a change.

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There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active volunteer. Join now and make an impact!

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have a picture to share

Have a great photograph or image of our community you want to see on the site, submit the picture for the monthly submission and we will choose the best picture to upload to represent our community