Recreation Committee (REC) is composed of members from Reflection Homes Association (RHA), & Lake Homes Association (LHA), which are essentially Parcher Village. The Committee is made up of delegates appointed by the respective homeowners associations.  Due to the relative sizes of the two associations; RHA with 586 homes are allowed up to 6 delegates and LHA with 178 Homes, are allowed up to 2.

Recreation Committee, Inc. a separate corporate entity; is comprised of both RHA & LHA Residents. Hence Recreation dues are billed and collected separately from your RHA or LHA homeowner assessments.

The Recreation Committee is responsible for the oversight of all of the open and forested areas around both Reflection Homes and Lake Homes Associations, the Reflection Swim Team, maintenance of the pool, and play grounds.

The land that all of the recreation facilities are located on is either part of Reflection Homes or Lake Homes. Hence when a member of our community, who is part of either Lake Homes or Reflection Homes, attempts to improve the quality of living and housing values for our residents, improvements are made to Recreation Committee Inc as well.

Homeowners in Reflection Homes Association and Lake homes agreed legally, to pay Association and Recreation fees as part of their home purchase. This agreement was part of the resale disclosure packet provided at closing to homeowners. Additionally, this information was included in the covenants about both associations, with the Recreation Committee being a separate corporate entity of the two associations.

To contact members of the Rec Committee, please email reccommittee@sequoiamgmt.com.

Volunteers and Committee members are needed. You may contact the RHA Board at RHABoard@rha-homes.org for an application and review. You can also download an application and submit to the RHA Board.

Recreation Committee, Inc. Mission Statement

Current Management Co.

Senior Community Manager:

Dale Edwards- Dedwards@sequoiamgmt.com

Administrative Assistant:

Maryoly Ayala

Phone: 703.803.9641
Fax: 703.968.0936

Mailing Address:
13998 Parkeast Circle
Chantilly, Virginia 20151-2272

Payment Address:
P.O. Box 1459
Commerce, GA 30529-0028

Secure Online Payments - Sequoia accepts MasterCard and Visa online to make it more convenient to pay your dues. Please visit their registration page to proceed.

Budget info for 2018/2019

REC Rental Rules