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Trash Service for Town Homes

Reflection town homes transition over to Bates Trash removal .

RHA received considerable feedback regarding the 'bulkiness' of the current 64 gallon trash bins and its difficulty to maneuver and taking up home space. Therefore, RHA has selected a 32 gallon trash bin instead. Individual residents can contact Bastes directly to request a 64 gallon bin instead in exchange for their new & unused 32 gallon bin. You may upgrade to a 64 gallon bin for free along with a covered Recycle bin. Currently Recycling bins are at a 18 gallon size.

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Extra bins are possible for a fee. You do not have to use Bastes's provided bin however, all waste must be in some sort of bin in accordance with Fairfax County requirements. Recycle & Trash bins MUST have a cover! NO dumping of bags in the open!

Print: Trash summary guide & rules - 2018

Print: Recycling summary guide       - 2018

Detached homes

ALL trash (to include bulk, yard, and recycling) must be placed lN FRONT OF your home in a bin. No waste is be placed on community / public areas. Waste must be placed on YOUR property, or, if this is not possible, then on an
area immediately in front of it. AVOID leaving trash in public areas, to include sidewalks, if at all possible.

Construction project or Additional trash options

The Bagster” program at Lowes and Home Depot allows residents to place their construction debris and schedule for a pick, for a small fee. Great alternative for that project you got to get done. Check out the links below for more info:

Bulk Item Details...




Metals (Grills, bicycles, chairs, mowers)
Bed Frames

Furniture, Couches (2-man carry)

Small Electronics (DVD players, computers)
Ceiling fans

(Dishwashers, dryers, washers, stoves,
refrigerators [must be officially tagged
"Freon free"])

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. Construction Debris
. Tires
. Carpet
. Sinks
. Toilets
. Hot Tubs
. Batteries
. Armoires
. Extremely large furniture
, Mulch / dirt
. Paint
. Gas, oil, fuel, pressurized cans
(Call 703-444-3181 to arrange special pickup)