Since the 1972, Reflection Homes Association (RHA) a homeowners association located in Herndon, Virginia; has been the organization for the community's affairs of 586 homeowners.  Home to a family friendly neighborhood, consisting of detached homes and town homes, with recreational areas for families to enjoy.


Our Mission

Our primary purpose of our association, is to help lead the initiatives of RHA neighborhood's common areas; such as roads, parks and pools. Homeowners dues help with these common area amenities and services for the better of our community. Covenants, conditions and our by-laws, help to provide a common standard of living and assist with the enhancements for our homeowners. We listen to homeowners' issues and assist in ensuring the homes they habitat, is the place they dream of living.

What We've Achieved

January 2018

  • Launch of updated newsletter and updated website.

  • Re-haul of By-Laws & Covenants for RHA

  • Reviewed our spending budget and all accounts payable for RHA

March 2018

  • 4 new board members established. 3 Committees resurrected.

  • Reduced costs in newsletter initiatives, such as printing and distribution to give back to the community.

  • Invested in our fund reserves to increase its long term value.

May 2018

  • Reached agreement to modify 20 year old Covenants & Community Guidelines to reflect recent changes in Virginia HOA guidelines and to provide accountability to the community.

  • Met with Management Co. leadership to explain concerns with multiple challenges being experienced with Management Co.

  • Listened to our community on parking issues and implemented parking initiatives to assist.

  • Community beautification project initiated to improve the communities.

  • Trees replaced to shield noise and lights into Reflection Homes

  • Covered recycling cans and bigger trash cans provided to the community.

  • Started bilingual newsletter version for our Spanish community.

  • Pool Party - funded food and activities.

July 2018

  • New parking contract with more services to RHA residents and accountability.

  • More Board of Directors focus on accountability and transparency to the RHA residence, while increasing feedback from the community

September 2018

  • Identification of a new property management for the better of the community. More capabilities, digitizing communications and collaborations, with reducing costs

  • Start of revisions on Covenant and By-Laws for the enhancement and improvement of RHA community, such as trash policy, parking policy, enforcement, and election policy

  • Increase in committee membership and resident volunteering

December 2018

  • Digital voting system introduced to the community to enhance and accelerate voting progress on legal documents & community feedback

  • Performed side road and road repairs; more budgeted in 2019

  • Budget approvals for 2019 with no increase to RHA

  • Revised RHA 2018 Architectural guidelines

  • New Property Management Co. to start in January, 2019

  • Repaired community light issues, more in 2019